Who should use the Speech Evaluator?

The Speech Evaluator is used by professionals in the field of public speaking, presentation skills, speech and debate, and communication studies/speech communication, such as:

In other words, speech instructors, coaches, trainers, professors, teachers, experts, and other practitioners can use the Speech Evaluator to evaluate, analyze, assess, critique, or give feedback to their clients, students, colleagues, or others.

The Speech Evaluator can be used for public speaking self-evaluations and public speaking peer evaluations.

The Speech Evaluator is also used by the recipients of the evaluations (clients, students, colleagues, or others) to view the evaluations.

Those interested in public speaking can view evaluations of others for learning purposes.

The Speech Evaluator can be used for generating public speaking evaluations (speech assessments, speech critiques, speech evaluations, speech analysis, speech feedback, speech scoring, oral presentation evaluations, presentation evaluations, presentation assessments, presentation analysis, or presentation feedback).

The Speech Evaluator can be used in lieu of or in conjunction with speech evaluation forms, speech evaluation sheets, speech rubrics, speech evaluation samples, speech evaluation examples, speaker evaluation sheets, speaker evaluation forms, oral presentation rubrics, presentation rubrics, presentation evaluation forms, presentation evaluation sheets, and presentation evaluation templates.