What is the Speech Evaluator?

The Speech Evaluator is a web-based tool for generating public speaking evaluations.

The Speech Evaluator is intended for public-speaking, presentation-skills, speech-and-debate instructors, coaches, trainers, professors, teachers, students, experts, and other practitioners who are involved in public speaking evaluation (also referred to as speech analysis, speech assessment, speech critique, speech evaluation, speech feedback, speech scoring, presentation analysis, presentation assessment, presentation evaluation, presentation feedback, and oral presentation evaluation).  The Speech Evaluator is not only beneficial to evaluators (those generating evaluations), but also to evaluatees (those being evaluated) and other viewers of evaluations who wish to learn from evaluations.

The Speech Evaluator's interactive multimedia interface improves the process of generating speech evaluations, and results in more detailed, more instructive evaluations.  The Speech Evaluator may be used as a replacement for or in conjunction with other evaluation means or instruments, such as public speaking rubrics, speech rubrics, presentation rubrics, oral presentation rubrics, speech evaluation forms, speaker evaluation forms, presentation evaluation forms, speech evaluation sheets, presentation evaluation sheets, speech evaluation samples, speech evaluation examples, presentation evaluation templates, etc.

The Speech Evaluator also facilitates virtual coaching of public-speaking, presentation-skills, and speech-and-debate.

Watch the Speech Evaluator demo and tutorials.