Should I set the privacy of speakers, speeches, and evaluations to public or private?

Public speakers, speeches, and evaluations are visible to all Rate Speeches website visitors.  Any website visitor can search for the speaker, speech, or evaluation and find the speaker, speech, and evaluation.  The visitor will be able to rate the speaker, rate the speech, view the evaluation, and generate an evaluation of the speech.

In contrast, private speakers, speeches, and evaluations are invisible to Rate Speeches website visitors.  A user searching for a private speaker, speech, or evaluation that belongs to another user will not see the speaker, speech, or evaluation.

In general, if you are evaluating a client, student, colleague, or anyone where the speaker's information, speech information, speech video, or speech evaluation may be private, confidential, privileged, personal, or otherwise to be kept undisclosed, then set the privacy to private.  By setting the speaker's privacy to private, the speeches and evaluations associated with that speaker will also be private.

Note that making a speech public or an evaluation public will not only disclose the speech or evaluation but also the speech video if there is one.  Website visitors will be able to view the speech video if the speech is public or the evaluation is public.