Replace or Supplement The Presentation Rubric With Free Multimedia Online Evaluation Tool

The Speech Evaluator is a free online multimedia tool for presentation evaluation.  If you are a presentation skills, public speaking, or communication instructor, teacher, coach, or student, the Speech Evaluator will transform your presentation rubric into an online multimedia evaluation.

  • Create more effective, more instructive, and more attractive presentation evaluations.
  • Speed up the process of writing feedback comments.
  • Replace or supplement the paper presentation rubric with interactive, dynamic, online evaluations.
  • Demonstrate presentation skills concepts to students or clients using interactive critique examples.
  • Expand your classroom, training, or coaching to online virtual coaching and distance learning.
  • Live or video presentations.  You can use the Speech Evaluator to evaluate live presentations or video recordings of presentations.
  • Fast presentation evaluation process.  You can add evaluation comments instantly with mouse clicks or keyboard shortcuts.
  • Precise feedback comments.  You can select from hundreds of predefined feedback comments or define your own custom comments.  Each comment is highly specific to a particular presentation skills aspect.  You can also add your own notes to any comment.
  • Instructive details with each comment.  Each feedback comment you add automatically includes a thorough and informative description of the comment.
  • Timestamped comments.  Each feedback comment you add is timestamped to tie it to the exact location within the presentation.
  • Interactive evaluations.  Evaluations can be viewed interactively online or printed from automatically generated professional PDF reports.