Original Oratory NFL Tournament Top Speakers

Top speakers (finalists / winners) in Original Oratory (OO) , NFL (National Forensic League) annual national tournament

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Year Rank Speaker Speech Title School State
1963 1 Thomas LoSavio Intolerance Bellarmine College Preparatory California
1963 2 Rosemary Anton Bread with Liberty Oskaloosa HS Iowa
1963 3 Howard D. Bryant Which Way the Tide? Massillon HS Ohio
1963 4 Jody Baumgaertel Time: the Life of the Soul Grossmont HS California
1963 5 Grant Wacker Heroes March Alone Springfield-Parkview HS Missouri
1963 6 Jeffrey M. Bowen The Council of Decision Laconia HS New Hampshire
1964 1 David Zarefsky Harvest of Hate Houston-Bellaire HS Texas
1964 2 Jody Baumgaertel Live Grossmont HS California
1964 3 James Toren The Second Step Worthington HS Minnesota
1964 4 Lynna Joseph The Lemon Tree Alamo Heights HS Texas
1965 1 Hubert Farbes The Abstruse Leech Oklahoma City HS Oklahoma
1965 2 Kenneth Glazier Before the Black Man Learns to Hate Palo Alto HS California
1965 3 Donna Hossack Man a Product of Mechanization: Sunnyvale-Fremont HS California
1965 4 Gregory Burke The Reakist Houston-Jesuit HS Texas
1965 5 Jody Baumbaugh Speaking for those Who Cannot Speak for Themselves Youngstown-Mooney HS Ohio
1965 6 Vera Sadkovsky The Title Page Modesto HS California
1966 1 James Kay The Call to Relevance Fullerton HS California
1966 2 Brent Simmons They Call Themselves Americans Battle Creek HS Michigan
1966 3 Gail Griffin Good Ole Charlie Brown Grossmont HS California
1966 4 Thomas Johnson Example of Peace Warsaw HS Indiana
1967 1 Shelley Long The Sex Perversion Weed Ft. Wayne South Side HS Indiana
1967 2 Brent Simmons The Tragedy of Black Battle Creek HS Michigan
1967 3 Jeff Brown Relevancy & Change Grossmont HS California
1967 4 Martha Wasson Will You Buy It? Canton-Glenwood HS Ohio
1967 5 Connie Crownover A Dream or a Nightmare? La Miranda HS California
1967 6 Lowell K.Y. Chun-Hoon The Limitation of Reason Punahou HS Hawaii
1968 1 Thomas Taffe A Very Simple Story Bellarmine College Preparatory California
1968 2 James Baer Inability of Americans to Love Pomona HS California
1968 3 Melissa Maxcy All Will be Quiet in Jerusalem Houston-Memorial HS Texas
1968 4 Gregory Chisholm The American Life Manhattan Preparatory New York
1969 1 Gary Ward As Night Falls Mullen HS Colorado
1969 2 Richard Mitchell Why Did They Kill Dr. King? Richmond-Kennedy HS California
1969 3 Glenn Nelson Invisible Man Santa Anna Valley HS California
1969 4 Richard Bright Picture This Scene Aurora HS Colorado
1970 1 Patricia Warren The Guilded Goddess Canton-McKinley HS Ohio
1970 2 Michael McCormack The Third Revolution Yankton HS South Dakota
1970 3 Mark Pilliod In Defense of the Cliche Marquette University HS Wisconsin
1970 4 Kevin J. O’Brien Unisex Bishop Amat HS California
1970 5 William Stotesbery Society’s Sickest Joke Thomas Jefferson HS Pennsylvania
1970 6 Davine Faulks School for Crime Fort Knox HS Kentucky
1971 1 Lawrence Artenian Red, White & Blue Chapter II Fresno-Hoover HS California
1971 2 Charisse Locke Revolution Dallas-Hillcrest HS Texas
1971 3 Peter Syvertsen Only one Chance Marquette University HS Wisconsin
1971 4 David Hayes Tomorrow is the Beginning Aquinas HS New York
1971 5 Rosalind Kelson The Old Man & The Prism L. A. Gremont HS California
1971 6 Davine Faulks Black Studies Fort Knox HS Kentucky
1972 1 John Patek The Players are the Losers Marquette University HS Wisconsin
1972 2 Bill Mathis Awaken Sheep Heritage Hall HS Oklahoma
1972 3 Lauren Meurisse The Great Race Thornridge HS Illinois
1972 4 Mende Snodgress The Winter of Life Heritage Hall HS Oklahoma
1972 5 Dick Deming The Hangman Madison HS South Dakota
1972 6 Donna Moriel Listen Christian Oceanside HS California
1973 1 Robert End Don’t Play It Again Sam! Marquette University HS Wisconsin
1973 2 Thomas Riehle A Paradox - the Cynical Kid Marquette University HS Wisconsin
1973 3 Terr Pollock The Silent Revolution Tucson HS Arizona
1973 4 Steve Webster Omnipresent Irrelevance Spencer HS Iowa
1973 5 Harry Davis The Banality of Evil Corpus Christi-King HS Texas
1973 6 Beth Houghton I Am Heritage Hall HS Oklahoma
1974 1 Gary Lillian Community Life Shawnee Mission-West HS Arkansas
1974 2 Cherry Jones Traditional Tommyrot Paris HS Kentucky
1974 3 James Wagstaffe Instantism Bellarmine College Preparatory California
1974 4 Alfred Kohn Transistorizes Man Miami Beach HS Florida
1974 5 Jeff Thomas The Big Con Bellevue-Newport HS Washington
1974 6 Devra Bailin The Eyes of the Beholder Sioux Falls-Washington HS South Dakota
1975 1 Ned Wahl Calypso Bands & Cola Nuts Eau Claire Memorial HS Wisconsin
1975 2 Robert Maus The Great American Slide St. Louis HS Hawaii
1975 3 Beth Simmons It’s Hard to be Human Sunnyvale-Monta Vista HS California
1975 4 Darryl Bowdre The Good Old Days are Now McAlester HS Oklahoma
1975 5 Russell Wood Run, Sam, Run Clovis HS California
1975 6 Jon Swindle Whose Child is This? Provo HS Utah
1976 1 George Carpenter IV What Have We Done to Debate? Des Moines-Roosevelt HS Iowa
1976 2 Keith Sherman Let’s Not Make a Deal Beverly Hills HS California
1976 3 Clark Ervin Promises to Keep Houston-Kinkaid HS Texas
1976 4 Donald Chrzan Mister, You Must Believe Marquette University HS Wisconsin
1977 1 Linda Epperley America’s Magnificent Obsession Putnam City West HS Oklahoma
1977 2 David Frederick Imagination - The Secret of Blue Skies San Antonio-Jefferson HS Oklahoma
1977 3 Kim Johnson Carnaval Wabash-Southwood HS Indiana
1977 4 Geoff Wool Big Bad John San Antonio-Jefferson HS Texas
1977 5 Michael Sloan Charities: Where is Your Money Going? Beverly Hills HS California
1978 1 Mark Boyd The Soap Opera of Life Youngstown-Mooney HS Ohio
1978 2 Joseph Casper Junk Food Junkie Marquette University HS Wisconsin
1978 3 Jim McCoy Making an Honest Buck Eau Claire Memorial HS Wisconsin
1978 4 Debra Morris Those Happy Days Lawton Eisenhower HS Oklahoma
1978 5 Bart Wojciehowski Deus Ex Machina Brophy Preparatory Arizona
1978 6 Lori Kaomea Walk in this Work for Me Kamehameha HS Hawaii
1979 1 Bruce Menin Speak Plainly, Please Miami Beach HS Florida
1979 2 Jeanette Kuvin Incredible Bulk Twin Lakes HS Florida
1979 3 David Warner Fried Eggs & Onion Skins Provo HS Utah
1979 4 Julie Patterson The Good Old Days Stockton-Edison HS California
1979 5 Jim McCoy In Search of Quality Eau Claire Memorial HS Wisconsin
1979 6 Miki Mason Narcissus was Nearsighted Putnam City West HS Oklahoma
1980 1 Lee Eric Dowell You Are Somebody Olathe HS Arkansas
1980 2 Grant Belnap Losing Bountiful HS Utah
1980 3 David Warner Truth About Hollywood Provo HS Utah
1980 4 Henry Samelson The Scarlet O’Hara Syndrome San Antonio Churchill HS Texas
1981 1 Salise Shuttlesworth The Virtue of Selfishness Dulles HS Texas
1981 2 David Lopez The Rhetoric of No San Antonio Churchill HS Texas
1981 3 Kyndal May Money Newman Smith HS Texas
1981 4 Jeff Halloin Eau Claire Memorial HS Wisconsin
1981 5 Todd Adkins I’ll See You in Court Plano Senior HS Texas
1982 1 Ralph Bush As the Eagle Flies Kansas City-Washington HS Missouri
1982 2 Anthony Scaduto Out of Touch with Touch Marquette University HS Wisconsin
1982 3 Kevin Smith Solitaire North Kansas City HS Missouri
1982 4 James Kincaid It’s Not My Fault Tulsa-Washington HS Oklahoma
1982 5 James Cusick The Fame Game El Paso-cathedral HS Texas
1982 6 June Tierney The Tyranny of Time Fresno-Hoover HS California
1983 1 Robert Strain By the Work of our Hands San Antonio-Roosevelt HS Texas
1983 2 Gregory Dohi The Ugly Ambassador Harvard School California
1983 3 Kelly Franklin The Thrill of it All San Antonio Churchill HS Texas
1983 4 David Dillin Mental Mechanisms San Antonio Churchill HS Texas
1983 5 Rick Pitterle Impersonality Eau Claire Memorial HS Wisconsin
1983 6 Robert Kroll A Life for all Seasons Marquette University HS Wisconsin
1984 1 Ronald Flagg The Price of Equality Houston-Kashmere HS Texas
1984 2 Christi Cunningham The Numbers Game San Antonio Churchill HS Texas
1984 3 Kennedy Genovese The E.A.T. Chesterton HS Indiana
1984 4 Steve Cardenas A Perfect 10 for Just $9..95 North Miami Beach HS Florida
1984 5 Jennifer Young Will Wonders Never Cease Sylvania-Northview HS Ohio
1984 6 Jim Skeffington Understand Chesterton HS Indiana
1985 1 Gina Davis The Wings of Man Eau Claire Memorial HS Wisconsin
1985 2 Brendan O’Meara After All I’ve Done for You Bronx HS of Science New York
1985 3 Jennifer Young Laughing Matters Sylvania-Northview HS Ohio
1985 4 Andy Thornton A Better Looking Dog San Antonio Churchill HS Texas
1985 5 Joseph M. Wycoff The Hottest Game in Town Chesterton HS Indiana
1985 6 Donna Washington The Forgotten Americans Lawrence Central HS Indiana
1986 1 Steve Blair Baby, Remember My Name Chesterton HS Indiana
1986 2 Pat Blair The Hero Inside/Little Big Man Rushville HS Indiana
1986 3 Mark Kelsey I’ll Respect You in the Morning West Des Moines-Valley HS Iowa
1986 4 Richard Johnson Grow Up, Bernard Holy Ghost Preparatory Pennsylvania
1986 5 Stephen Schaefer Have You Heard San Antonio Churchill HS Texas
1986 6 Brigitte Vielliwu Value of Silence Munster HS Indiana
1987 1 Joseph M. Wycoff Who’s Playing the Drum Chesterton HS Indiana
1987 2 Austin Goolsbee Rite of Passage Milton Academy Massachusetts
1987 3 Mike Green America in the 80's Age of the Goof-Off Bellarmine College Preparatory California
1987 4 David Schmader Big Bad Bod and the Other Strangers San Antonio Churchill HS Texas
1987 5 Thomas Ashley Prejudice with a Halo San Antonio Churchill HS Texas
1988 1 Darren Haygood Heroes are Alive and Well Evansville-Reitz HS Indiana
1988 2 Michael Gotch You’re Going to Hear from Me Chesterton HS Indiana
1988 3 Joseph M. Wycoff Don’t Judge the Book by the Cover Chesterton HS Indiana
1988 4 Kirsten Albrecht Are You Two Together Homewood-Flossmoor HS Illinois
1988 5 Deborah Grayson A Palmfull of Sweat Stuyvesant HS New York
1989 1 Michael Gotch Take Two Chesterton HS Indiana
1989 2 Eric Pardell A Step in the Right Direction Munster HS Indiana
1989 3 Leigh Baker Run for the Roses Murray HS Kentucky
1989 4 Julie Nelson Trivialization Eau Claire Memorial HS Wisconsin
1989 5 Kendall Cummings So Who’s Socrates? Marquette University HS Wisconsin
1989 6 Derric Hudson A Ripple of Hope Marquette University HS Wisconsin
1990 1 Graham J. Baird Passing the Buck Salt Lake City-East HS Utah
1990 2 Christopher White Anything Goes Holy Ghost Preparatory Pennsylvania
1990 3 Michael Ryan The Cat in the Addage Bishop McGuiness HS Oklahoma
1990 4 Kelly Slater The Real Thing Chesterton HS Indiana
1990 5 Brian Eanes Will Rest You Get Noise San Antonio Churchill HS Texas
1990 6 Leigh Baker Service to Others Murray HS Kentucky
1991 1 Chris Shieh Regarding Race-Colored Glasses Clear Lake HS Texas
1991 2 John C. Paul No Reason to Live La Salle College HS Pennsylvania
1991 3 Matthew Costello Civility Holy Ghost Preparatory Pennsylvania
1991 4 Jennifer Kober Fat Chance Barbe HS Louisiana
1991 5 Michael Hahn Image Evansville-Reitz HS Indiana
1991 6 Matthew Vogel The Weird Side of Strange San Antonio Churchill HS Texas
1992 1 Colin Stokes Confessions of an Answer Patient San Antonio Churchill HS Texas
1992 2 Seth Halvorson On Our Honor Apple Valley HS Minnesota
1992 3 Anton Ford The Elephant Child Bellarmine College Preparatory California
1992 4 Catharine Dommer As Time Goes By Chesterton HS Indiana
1992 5 Corey Miller P.O. Box 1 Glenbrook South HS Illinois
1992 6 Greg Borden Create a Miracle’ Surprise that Resides Insides Maconaquah HS Indiana
1993 1 Anton Ford Find Out Bellarmine College Preparatory California
1993 2 Elizabeth Reiley Deal With It Apple Valley HS Minnesota
1993 3 Karen Cooper The Oreo Cookie Complex Gregory-Portland HS Texas
1993 4 Catharine Dommer A Very Special Interest Chesterton HS Indiana
1993 5 Ben Ptak It Bothers You-Please Leave the Room Long Branch HS New Jersey
1993 6 Suzie Kim The Emperor’s New Clothes Apple Valley HS Minnesota
1994 1 Anton Ford Bellarmine College Preparatory California
1994 2 Suzie Kim Beauty Within the Beast Apple Valley HS Minnesota
1994 3 Gabriel Bevilacqua The Man, The Bench, and The Burger Joint La Salle College HS Pennsylvania
1994 4 Ingrid Carson The Hallmark Generation Chesterton HS Indiana
1994 5 Joey Hill America’s Teen Dilemma-Reconstruct, Redefine Southside HS South Carolina
1995 1 Sally Koering Beware of Greeks Bearing Gifts Apple Valley HS Minnesota
1995 2 Brian Roberts Astronomy Apple Valley HS Minnesota
1995 3 David Bowens Tales of an Ex-Convict Dallas-Skyline HS Texas
1995 4 Joseph Jones America’s Good Old Games Holy Ghost Preparatory Pennsylvania
1995 5 Michelle Brown Walk the Walk Austin HS Minnesota
1996 1 Reah Johnson Boobus Americanus Albuquerque Academy New Mexico
1996 2 Rob Lindgren Mickey’s World Apple Valley HS Minnesota
1996 3 Metra Gilliard Blame the Man Thornridge HS Illinois
1996 4 Joseph Jones Just like Grandma Used to Make Holy Ghost Preparatory Pennsylvania
1996 5 Kelly Cooper Misplaced History The Kinkaid School Texas
1996 6 Elizabeth Brinton And for Ten Minutes... Salt Lake City-Skyline HS Utah
1997 1 John Parker Do Over Evansville-Reitz HS Indiana
1997 2 Andrew Wesbecher Unbuttoned Flint Hill HS Virginia
1997 3 Matthew Harris Talk Shows Stockton-Edison HS California
1997 4 Stephen Spruiell Let’s Close the Balcony Martin HS Texas
1997 5 Aimee Gonzalez Whatever a man Undertaketh San Antonio Churchill HS Texas
1997 6 Jennifer Sobie Candle in the Wind University HS Florida
1998 1 Josh Gad Punch Line University HS Florida
1998 2 A.J. Agcaoili Remember Me Bellarmine College Preparatory California
1998 3 Jamie Tschida Once Upon a Time Rosemount Sr. HS Minnesota
1998 4 Andrew Weshbecher Our Own Story Flint Hill HS Virginia
1998 5 Chris Marianetti Uncommon Sense Albuquerque Academy New Mexico
1998 6 Danny Lutman The Road to Wellville San Antonio Churchill HS Texas
1999 1 Josh Gad Hoo-Ah! University HS Florida
1999 2 Stephen Buettler As Real as it Gets Holy Ghost Preparatory Pennsylvania
1999 3 Jared Wiess Whatever South Plantation HS Florida
1999 4 Nina Bilmoria Luxry Fever Munster HS Indiana
1999 5 Gave Rosenberg Living the Fat Life Brebeuf Jesuit HS Indiana
1999 6 Jon Gandomi Dobson HS Arizona
2000 1 Jared Wiess Ughh! South Plantation HS Florida
2000 2 Ryan Lindberg Apple Valley HS Minnesota
2000 3 Suzanne Whisler Bolivar R-1 HS Missouri
2000 4 Andrew Defeo In Other Words Iona Preparatory School New York
2000 5 Kelly Rolf On My Own Fort Wayne-Northrop HS Indiana
2000 6 Nina Bilimoria Lightening Bugs? What Lightning Bugs? Munster HS Indiana
2001 1 Yasmine Mashhoon Jock Rash, The Rock, and Fuzzy Mirrors Albuquerque Academy New Mexico
2001 2 Megan Bartle Victorian’s Secret Apple Valley HS Minnesota
2001 3 John Egan The Old Ball Game Eagan HS Minnesota
2001 4 John P. Benitez An Experiment in Faith Chesterton HS Indiana
2001 5 Peter Dodd The Bert & Ernie Scandal Sacred Heart HS Massachusetts
2001 6 Katie Georgen The First Time Plymouth HS Indiana
2002 1 Katie Georgen Go For The Gold Plymouth HS Indiana
2002 2 Emily Simones For The Birds Apple Valley HS Minnesota
2002 3 Diane Alongi The Fourth String Albuquerque Academy New Mexico
2002 4 Tim Webb Lessons From A Plastic Woman Munster HS Indiana
2002 5 Tin-Yun Ho 2 At a Time Bellarmine College Preparatory California
2002 6 Robert Sublett A Whole ‘Cool’ World Bishop HS Texas
2003 1 Lydia Nelson A League of My Own Sacred Heart HS Massachusetts
2003 2 Sarah H. Lee Me Talk Good Glenbrook South HS Illinois
2003 3 Sarah Gauche Kidstuff Apple Valley HS Minnesota
2003 4 Kobi Libbi Spin Cycle Snider HS Indiana
2003 5 Ashley Mack The Shocker Red Mountain HS Arizona
2003 6 Sarah Newton A Farewell Address to Mrs. Somebody Rowan County Sr HS Kentucky
2004 1 Elizabeth M. Fox Counterfeit Curls Chesterton HS Indiana
2004 2 Saeed Jones Dirty Dancing Lewisville HS Texas
2004 3 Ben Unanaowo The Major Instinct James Logan HS California
2004 4 Maggie M. Killacky Good Grief Downers Grove South HS Illinois
2004 5 Sarah Gauche Medicine Man Apple Valley HS Minnesota
2004 6 Scott Chaloff Something to Platz About Milton Academy Massachusetts
2005 1 Laura Roehl Bill Buckner Would Approve: Apple Valley HS Minnesota
2005 2 Daniel D. Carissimi A History All Its Own Carroll HS Texas
2005 3 Isaac Maddow-Zimet Oy! The Story Of A. Cultural Banana Stuyvesant HS New York
2005 4 Clifford Tsang Yao Gabrielino HS California
2005 5 Shruti Challa Absolutely Perfect Topeka HS Arkansas
2005 6 Eddie Itkin Lessons Learned from the Bottom of My Mother’s Underwear Drawer Glenbrook South HS Illinois
2006 1 Sarah Koch Guess What? Apple Valley HS Minnesota
2006 2 Nicole Kreisberg Watch Your Slang Winston Churchill HS Texas
2006 3 Samantha Moore Baking with a Smile McDowell HS Pennsylvania
2006 4 Marie Agnello The 16th Minute Brookwood HS Georgia
2006 5 Jeff White The Sound Byte Culture Mitchell HS South Dakota
2006 6 Anthony Francomacaro Our Makeover Society Holy Ghost Preparatory Pennsylvania
2007 1 Anthony Francomacaro Make Real Holy Ghost Preparatory Pennsylvania
2007 2 Olusheun Olupitan Tolerance – The Freakin’ Truth Apple Valley HS Minnesota
2007 3 Efren Bonner Abadeem and the Mathletes Kent Denver HS Colorado
2007 4 Carrie Van Dusen Once Upon a Time Apple Valley HS Minnesota
2007 5 Josh Leskar Nova HS Florida
2007 6 John Allen J.P. Allen: Boy of Destiny Danville HS Kentucky
2008 1 Hoang Nguyen Tomboys and Tomgirls? Plano Senior HS Texas
2008 2 Jamaka Young The Gospel Truth Apple Valley HS Minnesota
2008 3 Zach Beattie Bust a Move Savannah R3 HS Missouri
2008 4 Alexandria Tippings 2 and a ½ Feet Schurr HS California
2008 5 Tina Nguyen The Student Handbook Gabrielino HS California
2008 6 Katherine Smith It’s (Not) All About Me Pembroke Hill School Missouri
2009 1 John Hofmeister Jack and Harvey Apple Valley HS Minnesota
2009 2 Morgan Booksh /n0nV3rbl comUnKshun.lolz:P McNeil HS Texas
2009 3 Alphonce Mshomba I Have A Question Holy Ghost Preparatory Pennsylvania
2009 4 Alexandra Elam Woe be Unto Yo Soul Plano Senior HS Texas
2009 5 Joe Thomas Finding the I in Team Eagan HS Minnesota
2009 6 Rory Squire Uncle Maxim Digs Dead Animals Madison County HS Virginia
2010 1 Vinay Nay A Sensitive Kind of Guy Hinsdale Central HS Illinois
2010 2 Miles Bridges Kliene Krunschen James Logan HS California
2010 3 Amy Shackelford Stuck in a Moment Trinity Preparatory School Florida
2010 4 Alphonce Mshomba Can You Hear Me Now? Holy Ghost Preparatory Pennsylvania
2010 5 Chris Moncrief Role With Me Bronx Preparatory Charter School New York
2010 6 Joe Nelson Do-Over! Sacred Heart HS Massachusetts
2011 1 Nader Helmy Tailor-made for the Ages Apple Valley HS Minnesota
2011 2 Lizzie Neiman Power of Play Pennsbury HS Pennsylvania
2011 3 Matt Khoury And the Winner is… Fordham Preparatory School New York
2011 4 Kevin King May the Force be With Us Creekview HS Texas
2011 5 Eric Mattson Alien Nation Lincoln East HS Nebraska
2011 6 Jasjot Singh Jaggi Lil brownie; a true underdog story Freedom HS Virginia