November 7, 2011: Rate Speeches Introduces Free Online Public Speaking Timer

LOS ALTOS, California (November 7, 2011) – Rate Speeches released a free online public speaking timer for speakers, presenters, instructors, coaches, students, and speech enthusiasts.

The public speaking timer is the latest free online technology offering from Rate Speeches to the public speaking community and those interested in public speaking and presentation skills. The most unique capability of this timer is the speech progress indicator, which shows speakers where they should be in their speeches. For example, most speeches have introduction, body with three main points, and conclusion. The user can enter the speech duration, and the timer will visually show typical progress within the speech at any time: introduction, first main point, second main point, third main point, or conclusion. The user can turn on or off the progress indicator. Additionally, the Rate Speeches timer display is color coded to give visual indication when the time is almost over.

The Rate Speeches online public speaking timer allows Rate Speeches web visitors to time speeches, free of charge. No software downloads, registration, or log-in is required. The online timer can be used from any computer, iPad, mobile phone, or other mobile device. The only requirement is a web browser.

Zaydoon Jawadi, president and cofounder of Rate Speeches remarked: "The Rate Speeches online public speaking timer is built for speakers, presenters, public speaking and presentation skills instructors, coaches, and students, as well as speech-and-debate instructors, coaches, students, judges, and contestants. The timer can be used for many public speaking applications, such as impromptu speaking, expository speaking, oratory, and Toastmasters speeches."

The user can set the speech duration; once the timer starts, the time display color changes from green, to yellow, to orange, to red; orange indicates that only one minute is left, yellow indicates that only half a minute is left, red indicates that only ten seconds are left; and blinking read indicates that the speech duration has been exceeded. The speech progress indicator is also visible to help the users track where they should be within the speech.

The timer is available from the company's website at: http://www.ratespeeches.com/rate-speeches-public-speaking-timer.

About Rate Speeches

Rate Speeches, Inc. is a Silicon Valley firm providing online services and technologies for rating, evaluating, and enhancing public speaking, presentation, and communication skills.  To find out more, please visit www.RateSpeeches.com.