March 2, 2013: Rate Speeches Releases Second Generation Public Speaking Topic Generator

LOS ALTOS, California (March 2, 2013) – Rate Speeches released its second generation online public speaking topic generator.  The topic generator has expanded capabilities, more than 7,000 topics, and more than 230,000 subtopics.

The Rate Speeches second generation Public Speaking Topic Generator now has database of more than 7,000 topics, compared to the Rate Speeches first generation, which was launched with about 2,000 topics.  The topic generator is free to use and does not require users to register, log in, or disclose any information.

In addition, most topics include a variety of subtopics.  In this second generation topic generator, Rate Speeches has more than 230,000 subtopics for the 7,000 topics.  Subtopics expand the topics and provide ideas on how to analyze or explore topics.  Subtopics are generated randomly for the topics.

Another feature of the second generation topic generator is an expanded list of the types of speeches supported, such as informative speeches, persuasive speeches, impromptu speeches, entertaining speeches, expository speeches, narrative speeches, demonstration speeches, original oratory speeches, original advocacy speeches, Toastmasters speeches, current events speeches, and extemporaneous speeches.

The new topic generator also gives users the ability to see applicable speech organization patterns for the specific type of speech for which they are generating topics.  Speech organization patterns include: topical, chronological, spatial, causal / cause-effect, causal / effect-cause, problem-solution, problem-cause-solution, problem-harm-solution, cause-effect-solution, comparative, and Monroe's Motivated Sequence.  Moreover, outline templates are available for the different types of speeches.  So the user can find a topic, look up organization patterns, and download speech outline templates all starting from the topic generator.

The Rate Speeches Public Speaking Topics Generator operates on any web browser from a PC, notebook, iPad, iPhone, or other mobile device.  It does not require software downloads and is free to use from the company's website at: www.ratespeeches.com/rate-speeches-topics-generator.


About Rate Speeches

Rate Speeches, Inc. is a Silicon Valley firm providing online services and technologies for rating, evaluating, and enhancing public speaking, presentation, and communication skills.  To find out more, please visit www.RateSpeeches.com.