July 28, 2011: Rate Speeches Introduces Free Online Public Speaking Evaluation Forms Generator

LOS ALTOS, California (July 28, 2011) - Rate Speeches released a free online public speaking evaluation forms generator, offering the largest collection of speech evaluation forms as well as the largest collection of evaluation criteria.

As a service to the public speaking community and those interested in public speaking and presentation skills, Rate Speeches introduced the Rate Speeches Public Speaking Evaluation Form Generator, which allows the Rate Speeches web visitors to generate their own customizable public speaking evaluation forms, free of charge.  No log-in or registration is required.

The Rate Speeches Public Speaking Evaluation Form Generator allows the user to select the type of evaluation form to generate, such as public speaking assessment form, presentation skills critique sheet, speech analysis checklist, speech judging checklist, and public speaker evaluation form.  Once the user selects the desired type of form, the user is then presented with evaluation criteria to select from to use in the generated form.

The Rate Speeches Public Speaking Evaluation Form Generator offers about four-hundred evaluation criteria for the user to choose from.  This is anticipated to be the largest selection of evaluation criteria available on the web.  The criteria are grouped into nine different categories, such as vocalics, kinesics, organization, evidence, language, and slides.  Each evaluation category is further divided into subcategories; for instance, the vocalics category includes such subcategories as vocalized pauses, unfilled pauses, vocal emphasis, volume, pitch, and rate.  Subcategories are further divided into sub-subcategories.  This makes it easy and quick for users to find what they are looking for.  Users can select any of the evaluation criteria from the categories, subcategories, and sub-subcategories to include in the form.

The Rate Speeches Public Speaking Evaluation Form Generator also includes a detailed description of each criterion.  By mousing over any criterion from the generator page, the user can see a detailed description of the criterion.  In addition, the user can elect to include descriptions of the selected criteria in the generated form.

The Rate Speeches Public Speaking Evaluation Form Generator allows users to create evaluation forms with more than one thousand different titles, each with any variety of selectable criteria.  The combinations are almost limitless.

The generated forms are free and may be utilized by users for their use, such as for evaluating students, customers, and peers.  However, users may not sell, resell, publish, republish, or embed in any part of generated forms in online or offline content.

Zaydoon Jawadi, president of Rate Speeches, expects communication, public speaking, and presentation skills instructors, teachers, and coaches, as well as public speaking enthusiasts and Toastmasters evaluators to take advantage of this free service to generate their own custom evaluation forms.

The Rate Speeches Public Speaking Evaluation Form Generator is available from the Rate Speeches web site at www.RateSpeeches.com, or directly from


About Rate Speeches

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