July 10, 2011: Rate Speeches Presents The Largest Public Speaking Evaluation Form Directory

LOS ALTOS, California (July 10, 2011) - Rate Speeches released an online directory of public speaking evaluation forms, the largest collection of speech evaluation forms, as a resource for public speaking instructors, coaches, and evaluators.

Rate Speeches has assembled a directory of 100 public speaking evaluation forms provided by various sources on the Internet.  To make the directory more convenient to use, a summary of important information is provided for each evaluation form in the directory: the form title, the number of evaluation criteria, the number of evaluation rankings, the file type, the domain of the source, and name of source with a link to the form.

The directory includes form title such as: speech critique form, speech critique sheet, speech evaluation form, speech evaluation rubric, speech evaluation sheet, public speaking evaluation form, public speaking evaluation rubric, public speaking evaluation sheet, public speaking rubric, speaker feedback form, presentation assessment form, presentation evaluation form, presentation evaluation rubric, oral presentation assessment rubric, oral presentation evaluation form, and oral presentation rubric.

The number of evaluation criteria and number of rankings used in the form give an idea of how detailed and granular the evaluation form is.  Examples of evaluation criteria are: eye contact, vocal quality, organization, and evidence.  Examples of rankings are: excellent, good, fair, and poor.  In the current release of the directory, the lowest number of evaluation criteria is three, the maximum is 83, the average is eighteen, and the mean is fifteen; the largest number of rankings is eleven, the lowest is two, the average is five, and the median is five.

The most common file types are PDF and DOC.  The most common domain is EDU with 60 percent of the forms.

The directory may be sorted by form title, number of evaluation criteria, number of rankings, file type, domain, or source name.

The public speaking evaluation directory is provided for the convenience of users; Rate Speeches is not endorsing any of these forms and is not responsible for any issues related to the forms.  The forms belong to their authors.

Rate Speeches offers an alternative to speech evaluation forms, its web-based public speaking evaluation tool called the Speech Evaluator (www.RateSpeeches.com/Speech-Evaluator).

The public speaking evaluation directory can be found from the Rate Speeches website at: http://www.ratespeeches.com/a+speech-evaluation-form-directory.


About Rate Speeches

Rate Speeches, Inc. is a Silicon Valley firm providing online services and technologies for rating, evaluating, and enhancing public speaking, presentation, and communication skills. To find out more, please visit www.RateSpeeches.com.