Is the Speech Evaluator used for evaluating speeches or for evaluating presentations?

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the word "speech" is "the communication or expression of thoughts in spoken words" and "a usually public discourse : address."  According to the World English Dictionary, the word "presentation" is defined as "a verbal report presented with illustrative material, such as slides, graphs, etc."  In other words, a speech is a talk without slides or other visual aids.  On the other hand, a presentation is a talk with slides or other types of visual aids, such as videos, flipcharts, demonstration objects, etc.  Some people think of presentations as talks with slides that are projected with presentation software, such as PowerPoint(TM) and Keynote(TM).

The Speech Evaluator is suitable for assessing both speeches and presentations.  Most of the Speech Evaluator's built-in evaluation categories are usable for critiquing both speeches and presentations; these include vocal, body language, organization, persuasion, and others.  The Speech Evaluator also includes one category, Slides, that deals with slides and other visual aids, as well as with the presentation of slides and visual aids.

The Speech Evaluator can be used for generating public speaking evaluations (also referred to as speech assessments, speech critiques, speech evaluations, speech analysis, speech feedback, speech scoring, and oral presentation evaluations) and for generating presentation evaluations (also referred to as presentation assessments, presentation analysis, presentation feedback).

The Speech Evaluator can be used as replacement for or supplement to with public speaking rubrics, speech rubrics, speech evaluation forms, speaker evaluation forms, speech evaluation sheets, speech evaluation samples, speech evaluation examples, oral presentation rubrics, etc., as well as presentation rubrics, presentation evaluation sheets, presentation evaluation forms, presentation evaluation templates, etc.

The Speech Evaluator also facilitates virtual coaching of public-speaking, presentation-skills, and speech-and-debate.