How many evaluation criteria does the Speech Evaluator have?

The Speech Evaluator has up to 476 evaluation criteria or comments.  To make it easy to navigate and find comments, the Speech Evaluator organizes evaluation criteria into categories; each category has subcategories, and each subcategory has sub-sub-subcategories.  There are nine categories of canned (predefined) comments and one custom comment category, definable by the evaluator.  The canned comment categories are: Vocalics (vocal delivery aspects), Kinesics (body language delivery aspects), Artifacts, Organization, Persuasion, Evidence, Language, Slides, and General.  Each category of comments has subcategories of comments.  There are 64 subcategories of canned comments and 322 sub-subcategories of canned comments, for a total of 386 canned evaluation criteria.  In addition, the custom category can have up to nine custom subcategories, each with up to nine sub-subcategory for a total of 90 custom evaluation criteria.

Contrast this number of criteria in the Speech Evaluator with the typical 10-20 criteria in customary public speaking evaluation forms (public speaking rubrics, speech rubrics, speech evaluation forms, speaker evaluation forms, speech evaluation sheets, oral presentation rubrics, presentation rubrics, presentation evaluation sheets, presentation evaluation forms, presentation evaluation templates, etc.).