How is evaluating different from rating?

Rating is assigning a relative ranking to a speech, presentation, speaker, or presenter, based on criteria: overall, content, delivery, and optionally visuals.  Rating is intended for anyone, regardless of their degree of public speaking and presentation skills knowledge and experience.  For example, rating may be done by audience members, business meeting presentation participants, conference attendees, viewers of videos of speeches and presentations, etc.  A rating may include a detailed review or additional notes and comments about the speech, presentation, speaker, or presenter.

Evaluating involves assessing, critiquing, judging, analyzing, or providing detailed feedback about a speech or presentation.

Rate Speeches allows rating and evaluating.  Rate Speeches offers a solution for evaluating speeches called the Speech Evaluator.  The Speech Evaluator is a public speaking evaluation web tool intended for anyone with knowledge and skills in public speaking or presentation skills who wishes to generate an evaluation.  Users include public speaking, presentation skills, communication, and speech-debate instructors, professors, teachers, trainers, coaches, students, etc.

The rating capability in Rate Speeches is equivalent to the simple survey forms given to audience members after a speech or a presentation to gauge the audience's reaction to the speaker or speech.

The Speech Evaluator is equivalent to the elaborate public speaking evaluation form filled by an expert, such as a public speaking instructor, communication professor, speech and debate coach, presentation skills seminar instructor, etc.  There are different techniques for evaluating public speaking, presentation skills, oral presentations, oratory, and other speech activities.  There are different techniques and names for the evaluation; they include oral presentation critiques, oral presentation rubrics, presentation analysis, presentation rubrics, presentation critiques, presentation evaluation forms, presentation evaluation sheets, presentation evaluation templates, presentation feedback, presentation reviews, presentation rubrics, public speaking evaluation forms, public speaking evaluation rubrics, public speaking reviews, public speaking rubrics, speaker evaluation forms, speaker evaluation sheets, speakers evaluation forms, speech analysis, speech critiques, speech evaluation forms, speech evaluation reports, speech evaluation sheets, speech feedback, speech reviews, and speech rubrics.  The Speech Evaluator can be used as a replacement for or in conjunction with any of these evaluation instruments.