How do I add a speaker or presenter?

To add a public speaker or presenter, from the home page or from most other pages, click the Find Speaker or the Rate Speaker button.  From the Find Speaker or Rate Speaker page, type the name of the speaker/presenter (e.g., Kennedy) in the input field and click the Search button.  After you click Search, a table will be displayed showing the speaker(s) that match the search criteria as well as any speech or speeches by the speaker(s).

If there are no speakers in the database that match your search criteria or the speaker you are looking for is not in the list of speakers displayed, you can add the new speaker.  You will be prompted to log in first, unless you are logged in already.  If you don't have an account, you can create one.  While adding the new speaker, you can also optionally rate that speaker and write comments or a review about the speaker.

Adding speaker after find-rate speaker no matches found

Adding speaker after find-rate speaker matches found

There are other rating functions as shown in the diagram below.

Rating summary