How can YouTube be used with private evaluations?

During the step of setting up an evaluation for the Speech Evaluator, you can select the evaluation privacy setting as public (visible to everybody) or private (visible to you only and to those you specifically invite).

Note that the evaluation privacy setting is separate from the YouTube privacy setting.  The Speech Evaluator works with YouTube videos with PUBLIC YouTube privacy setting and YouTube videos with UNLISTED YouTube privacy setting, but not YouTube videos with PRIVATE YouTube privacy setting.

In other words, using the Speech Evaluator, an evaluation (whether public or private) can work with a YouTube video that has PUBLIC YouTube privacy setting or UNLISTED YouTube privacy setting, but not PRIVATE YouTube privacy setting.

From your YouTube account, you can select the YouTube privacy settings to make your speech video PUBLIC or UNLISTED.

For private evaluations, we recommend using the YouTube UNLISTED privacy setting to keep the video private.