Can an evaluation be public and private?

During the process of setting up an evaluation with the Speech Evaluator, the evaluation privacy can be set to "public" or "private."  A public evaluation is visible to any Rate Speeches website visitor.  If a Rate Speeches website visitor searches for that evaluation title, the evaluation title will be shown and the evaluation may be viewed by any website visitor.  A private evaluation, on the other hand, is visible only to the evaluator (the person who generated the evaluation), but not to other users of the website.

It is possible to have the same evaluation of the same speech defined twice, as public and as private.  The public evaluation will be visible to all website users, but the private evaluation will be visible only to the evaluator.  The purpose of this capability is to allow the evaluator to hide the private evaluation entirely.  For example, let's say there is an evaluation by the title "First Evaluation" in the Rate Speeches database.  The public evaluation "First Evaluation " is visible to all website users.  The private evaluation "First Evaluation" is a separate evaluation in the Rate Speeches database that is visible only to the evaluator.