Are duplicate speeches with the same title by the same speaker allowed with the Speech Evaluator?

Duplicate speeches by the same speaker with the same exact titles are not allowed.  When adding a new speech for the purpose of evaluating, the new speech title is checked against titles of speeches by the same speaker in the database.  If the title of the new speech is already in the database, the speech addition will not be accepted; instead, the user is asked to add a unique description for the new speech.  Speeches with similar titles by the same speaker can be distinguished by modifying the title, by adding a unique speech description, or both.

The speech titles "Comdex Keynote Speech," " Comdex 2011 Keynote Speech," and "Comdex Keynote Address" by the same speaker are not duplicates.  The title "Comdex Keynote Speech" with "Computer Section" description, the title "Comdex 2010 Keynote Speech" with "Future Section" description, and the title "Comdex Keynote Speech" with "Mobile Computing" description are also not duplicates.

There is an exception to this rule.  It is allowed to have two speeches by the same speaker, whereby the two speeches have the same title and the same description if one of the speeches is public and the other speech is private.