Are duplicate speakers with the same name allowed with the Speech Evaluator?

Duplicate speakers with the same exact names are not allowed.  When adding a new speaker for the purpose of evaluating, the new speaker's name is checked against names of speakers in the database.  If the name of the new speaker is already in the database, the speaker addition will not be accepted; instead, the user is asked to add a unique description for the new speaker.  Speakers with similar names can be distinguished by adding a middle initial, by adding a unique speaker description, or both.

For example, the speaker names "John Davis," "John B Davis," and "John C Davis" are not duplicates.  The name "John Davis" with "Idaho senator" description, the name "John B Davis" with "Idaho senator" description, and the name "John Davis" with "Idaho carpenter" description are also not duplicates.

There is an exception to this rule.  It is allowed to have two speakers with the same name and the same description if one of the speakers is public and the other speaker is private.