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Rate Speeches is a website for giving and receiving feedback about public speaking and presentation skills. Rate Speeches facilitates two types of feedback:

  • Rating speeches, presentations, speakers, and presenters: done by anyone
  • Evaluating speeches and presentations: done by public speaking experts, such public-speaking and presentation-skills instructors, trainers, coaches, professors, teachers, students, and other professionals


Speeches and speakers can be rated based on four criteria: overall, content, delivery, and optionally visuals (slides, and other visual aids).

  • Speech and presentation attendees and audience members to rate, add, or find ratings and reviews of speeches, presentations, speakers, and presenters in any field, such as business, education, healthcare, nonprofit, politics, religion, and technology.
  • Speakers and presenters to look up their own ratings, to understand their strengths and weaknesses, and to improve their skills.
  • Prospective attendees of speeches and presentations to find ratings of previous speeches, presentations, speakers, and presenters, in order to decide whether to attend or not.
  • Event organizers to determine ratings of prospective speakers and presenters.
  • Event organizers to find out the ratings of speakers and presenters in their events.

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Rate Speeches provides an interactive, multimedia, online public speaking and presentation skills evaluation generator called the Speech Evaluator. The Speech Evaluator is used by public-speaking and presentation-skills instructors, trainers, coaches, professors, teachers, experts, students, professionals, and others to quickly and conveniently generate interactive, constructive, online evaluations as well as reports of speeches and presentations. The Speech Evaluator can be used to evaluate live speeches/presentations or video recordings of speeches/presentations. Comments are generated using single mouse clicks or keyboard shortcuts while watching a live speech or a video recording of a speech. Built-in comment descriptions expedite the evaluation process and provide instructive and detailed information to the speaker. Comments are timestamped and additional annotations may be added by the evaluator.

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