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Colin Angle
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iRobot founder
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Robots and healthcare at TEDMED 2009
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Clever use of visuals
I took LSD & watched the video. Personally i was scared for my own well being, due to the apparent robot takeover.
I had a mid life CRISIS thinking about fisnhniig lifeWithout doing my very best personally, financially spiritually After YEARS of chasing new heights of success I finally found my niche and can now Retire Early And Pay For My Kids ToLive their passion It's funny how life has a way of bringing? you whatever you act
I'm also disappointed at times with the slow pregross in some areas of robotics. It's an exciting field which often boasts genuinely new advances. But occasionally I'll read an article that makes me say so what? As far as elder care, what would be very useful is the same thing that we all need robots that do househo
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